Product manufactured by JDP Group

JAIDEV GROUP engaged in the business of manufacturing and marketing of Steel Castings, Malleable Castings, Spheroidal Graphite Cast Iron, and Metal Parts Insulators.

The company has specialized in the manufacture of Ductile Iron insulator-metal parts, which are used in the assembly of Disc Insulators, Post Insulators of High Tension Power Lines Distribution systems. The company has in–house facility for the manufacturing of caps and also in – house facility for Machining and Galvanizing.

The Company manufactures, Railway Break Parts, Auto Parts, Tractor, Hydraulic Bushings and insulator-metal parts in various grades of cast iron Spheroidal Graphite Iron such as 500/6,500/7,450/10,600/3,400/15 and 400/18 etc. Some of the products are : Axle Mounted Disc Break, BMBS Parts, Kubota Tractor Parts, Break Stopper plate, Front Axle Housing, Case Bevel Housing, Axle Holders, Arm Knuckle, Swivel Housing, Break Drum etc