The group has established state of the art physical and chemical laboratories as well at both the places. As a result, our products rank on the top of our customer’s podium. A proactive and hardworking technical team is always ready to redress the
queries of the buyers. Dur care of environment and providing facilities at work place has always been the priority at JDP. Besides enrolment of experienced technical team, the academic technical knowledge together with inherited business acumen of
the promoters has gone a long way to support the business of the group.
We ground our business in integrity, focus it on quality and drive it by innovation. It is the honest, hardworking and proactive culture that JDP has been able to win the confidence of its buyers.


JDP group entered the threshold of foundry industry by getting incorporated as a Private Ltd. Company under the name of Jaidev Castalloys Pvt. Ltd. during 2001 having established its oil fired rotary furnace (500 kgs) at Udyog Vihar Sri Ganganagar for manufacturing malleable iron. Subsequently, the company expanded its production of malleable iron threefold by establishing a 1000 kgs rotary furnace during 2005. During the year 2007 the company started manufacturing ductile iron by establishing induction furnace. The installed capacity of the plant here is 2000 TPA. Due to the stringent quality control and efficient product production by the technical tearn of the company, Powder Grid Corporation of India to the insulator metal parts manufactured by the company. In the same year the
gave its approval company got ISO accredition by DNV. The company established its 1st semi-automatic high-pressure moulding
machine at the same premises at Sri Gangangar. And an year after during 2011, the company successfully commissioned an automatic high-pressure flask moulding machine at SKS Riico Industrial Area Reengus near Jaipur with an installed capacity of 2000 TPA under the name and style M/s. Shree Khatushyam Autocast Pvt Ltd.The company is manufacturing gray and ductile iron there. During the year 2020, JDP commissioned its next unit fully automatic flask less high-pressure moulding foundry under the name and style of Jaidev Malleables Pvt. Ltd. at Sri Ganganagar with an installed capacity of 5000 TPA gray and ductile iron. This addition to the groups is not even half of its journey, many more mile stones are yet to be reached.